Midsummer Night's Dream

Class 8 present: William Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights Dream - What a fantastic evening!

26th June 2016

An overview by Maya Siddons-Heginworth (otherwise known as Puck)

A midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare tells the story of four lovers and the amusing errors that befall their romance.

The first couple are Lysander and Hermia, who have been forbidden to marry by Hermia’s father, Egeus. Demetrius and Lysander have both got feelings for Hermia. After an argument between Egeus, her farther and Demetrius, Lysander and Hermia run away together from Athens into the magical forest. This is the kingdom of Oberon, the king of the faeries, his wife Titania and Puck, known famously for his talent to create mischief.

Demitrius is heart-broken; he has been promised Hermia’s hand and follows the couple in rage. Hermia’s best friend Helena, who loves Demetrius deeply, has told him about their escape, joins the three of them in the magical woods. While Lysander and Hermia seek refuge in the forest, Oberon the king of the faeries, has an argument with his queen Titania over an orphaned boy Titania adopted. Titania storms off in rage and Oberon brews up a cunning plan with his mischievous servant Puck.

Meanwhile, in the same woods, a group of peasants poorly rehearsing a play for duke Theseus and his soon to be wife Hippolyta. Noe expect the chaos that will follow soon after...

For about 5 months we have been rehearsing the play. I originally was a fairy classed Moth but I got promoted! The 2 weeks ago I became Quince, leader of the players. Moon and my dog stole the show! Rehearsing was tedious because it was everyday but I am glad I did it because the performance was amazing. I quote a parent who said ‘amazingly funny.’ I directed a couple of fairy scenes with moth, peas blossom, mustard seed, cobweb and Titania. My friend said my directing was very annoying but after the play the actors appreciated my directing.
Thoughts from class 8
I think the directors, Vicki and Danny and the actors were top-notch and I thank everybody that helped at the performance and for your money we raised £427 for the trip fund.
Leighton Brown
I played Duke Theseus. My costume was a suit, bowtie and a beard! I think the play went really well considering how nervous we all were. My favourite part was probably the end when we all came out and bowed, because it felt nice to feel the relief of it all being over.
Izzy Clarkson