Kindergarten's First Forest Day of the Year

Saying goodbye to Christmas in Kindergarten

12th January 2018

The children are getting ready for the first Forest day of the year while the adults fill the trolley with food and the old advent wreath. It is a cold, wintry, Monday morning and the children have noticed the chill in the air. At our base-camp by the fire we discovered that the big sail had blown from its rope. Luckily we had Pete with us to fix it. Up the ladder he went while a group of children watched him worked.

The children like working in the woods. A fallen tree has been the perfect prop to help develop their sawing and social skills. They taught each other how to use the saw safely and work as a team.

After our snack it was time to burn the wreath, a small ceremony to close the festive season and step into the New Year. Every adult and child got a green piece from the wreath, holding it above our heads we gave thanks and threw it in the fire. The fire suddenly blazed and the children cried in delight seeing the high flames that were created by the resin from the dried pine twigs.

To keep warm in the woods we play active games, sit by the fire and drink warm drinks. I do want to remind all parents to layer the children's clothing (a lot of thin layers is better than one thick layer) and to make sure their child has a hat, mittens, scarf and warm socks. We wish you all a happy new year!
Steph Vis, Redwood