School will reopen to students on Thursday 18th October 2018 for all year groups

15th October 2018

Following the recent Ofsted inspection we can now advise you that the school will reopen to students on Thursday 18th October 2018 for all year groups.

The Regional Schools Commissioner has supported this on the basis that the school sets up a new Academy Management Committee (AMC) and secures support from a strong local Multi Academy Trust. We are pleased to advise that we have been able to do this. The school's new AMC is comprised of Paul Jones (Chair), Member of the Southwest Headteacher Board, Paul Winterton (Director of Schools Improvement at ACE Multi Academy Trust), and Andrew Quayle, past chair of our recent Governing Board. We are very grateful to Ted Wragg Trust for providing the interim support for the school going forwards.

The Ofsted report that will be published shortly will provide a level of context and clarity for parents in terms of next steps. In the meantime, we want to reassure parents that we as a school are doing everything possible to address the concerns raised by Ofsted. This is with the support of colleagues both from Ted Wragg Trust, and Babcock LDP (Educational Consultants), who will also be on site from Thursday to support us in this.

We do regret the loss of time in school for our students over this last week, but we hope parents can understand that we have had to be rigorous in addressing our shortcomings.

A central theme at this point is the integrity and standards of Steiner education itself, our unwavering commitment to its provision within state education in Exeter, and enabling the excellence within the potential of this school.