Class 3 working hard at LEEP

First of four much anticipated visits to LEEP

12th November 2018

Class 3 enjoyed the first of four much anticipated visits to LEEP (Langford Environmental Educational Project) last Thursday. As we move through the seasons so will Class 3 with their work relating to the land; Autumn has seen us prepare the soil and plant a crop of wheat at school and the array of tasks facilitated by the wonderful women at LEEP kept us all busy on Thursday in between the wet and stormy weather.

There were beetroots, artichokes, potatoes and squash to harvest, compost to turn, willow to cut, hurdles to construct, along with a fire to tend, mustard to plant and chard and beetroot dyes and rubbings to make. We look forward to what the next season's work brings us and will in the meantime prepare our own allotments at school.