Kindergarten open

Steiner Academy Kindergarten WILL open at the start of the new school term

21st December 2018

The Kindergarten at the Steiner Academy Exeter will now re-open at the start of the new school term in January, despite news earlier this week that it would have to close temporarily whilst a consultation into its future was conducted.

In a letter to parents, Paul Jones, Chair of the Academy Management Committee, apologised for the disruption and distress caused to families by the changing news about the Kindergarten. He explained: There is a great deal that is changing at a very fast pace, and the decision making process is not simple.

Following discussions this week with the Regional Schools Commissioner and the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) over our funding, I am pleased to say that our Kindergarten provision will now remain open, with the rest of the school, up until the re-brokering process. A consultation into its future is not now required.

Mr Jones was appointed as the chairman of the new Academy Management Committee (AMC) following an Ofsted inspection in October this year which highlighted serious inadequacies in leadership, quality of teaching and safeguarding. At the same time, Paul Hougham was recruited as the Academy's Acting Principal.

The AMC and Paul Hougham are currently working closely with the Regional Schools Commissioner as they seek, through a 'rebrokering' process, an existing multi-academy trust which would be interested in adopting the school.

The approach to the ESFA for additional funding follows an increase in costs as the school has appointed additional support and sought external supervision to tackle the concerns raised by Ofsted.

In his letter to parents, Mr Jones said that good progress is being made at the school. He said: "I appreciate the uncertainty experienced by you as parents, acknowledge the commitment you have to your children receiving an excellent Steiner Waldorf education, and reassert my commitment to supporting that goal."