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Welcome to the Steiner Academy Exeter. We are one of thirty-five Steiner schools in the UK (also known as Waldorf schools), and over 1,200 world-wide. Of the UK Steiner schools, we are one of four that is state-funded. We have academy status and were set up under the Free Schools programme in 2013.

Our mission is to support children in developing to their fullest potential as motivated, confident, selfreliant and responsible individuals with a life-long love of learning and a strong sense of the contribution that they can make to society.

We aim to achieve this by developing the educational insights of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, using a curriculum and methodology that recognise the child's developmental stages and the need to work with head, heart and hand, thinking, feeling and willing: the creative, active and academic in balance.

This handbook describes the key aspects of school life and is a reference document for parents. It will be updated periodically and proposed amendments or additions are always welcome. We hope that it supports you in your work as a parent and contributes to the smooth running of the Academy.

Alan Swindell


Arbor's Parent Portal

We are now using Arbor's parent portal for checking your contact details, booking parents meetings, renewing your consents and giving consent for trips.


Note: You will need to use your email address to login.

If you are having any problems please contact reception or use the help documents below.

Absences and Attendance


If your child is unable to attend school due to illness or other circumstances, please inform the school before 9.00am on the day and every day thereafter. Please either email or phone 01392 757371 and leave a message on the school answer phone, selecting the absence option from the menu.

If your child has had sickness or diarrhoea, then they need to be absent from school for 48 hours after the last incident. Please still contact the school each day that your child is absent.

Absences due to appointments

We expect that all routine doctor and dentist appointments are arranged outside of school hours. If this is not possible and your child has to attend an appointment in school time, you will need to give the school at least 24 hours' notice. This needs to be done by filling out and signing an L5 form, which are available at reception or you can download (.pdf) here.

For emergency appointments you must inform the school and arrange to fill out and sign an L5 form as soon as possible.


The law requires that parents ensure all children of compulsory school age attend school during term-time. We regard any unnecessary absence as educationally detrimental.

In exceptional circumstances, a request for pupil absence may be made to the Principal. Requests for absence from school should be made at least 2 weeks before the requested absence begins and should be made on an S2 form that is available from reception or download (.pdf) here.

Taking photos at a school event

If you attend a school event you will be advised at the beginning if it is appropriate for you to take photos.

If you are taking photos please remember;

“You are welcome to take photos and videos of your children or other family members, but please be sensible with the images of other people’s children who may appear in the background. Please do not publish these on social media without the parent's or the *student’s permission, thank you”.

NB. *the ‘student’s permission’ applies to those aged 13+ who are mature enough to provide consent for themselves.

Parking Rules for West Garth Road

These Parking Rules are the result of discussions with Devon County Highways, Cllr Percy Prowse, and parents at SAE. They will be circulated to all parents and neighbours of the school, and implementation will roll out from Monday 12th March 2018.


  • Only drop off/pick up on the school side of West Garth Rd (use the triangle to turn around)
  • Do not park in narrow residential roads indicated red on map
  • There are limited 2 hour spaces on Cowley Bridge Rd, for those who need to park a little longer
  • 20 minutes parking in a residents parking zone (when picking up a child from school) starts when you arrive, not when you get out of the car

Parents will be helping to implement the parking rules in the first 2 weeks. A questionnaire will go out to parents and neighbours on 23th March 2018, and we ask that neighbours who would like to feedback about the rules/request a questionnaire to do so by emailing

The Parking Group will meet again to discuss the Parking Rules and the feedback on Thursday 29th March 2018.

By parking where you shouldn't, you are potentially putting your own and other people's children at risk.

  • Don't park on bus stop markings
  • Don't park on double yellow lines
  • No Stopping/No Waiting in the 'Child Safety Zone' by the school entrance
  • Park considerately (don't overhang drives, be a 'space hog', or park around corners)
  • Only drop off, or pick up in the Drop off Zone indicated on the map
  • Use the 'Triangle' to turn around to drop off on the school side of the road
  • Only park and leave your car well away from the entrance - in the parking areas indicated on the map

Additional Information:

  • SAE requests that only parents with Kindergarten children use the lay-by on Cowley Bridge Road at drop off and pick up times
  • SAE encourages children in Class 4 and above to be dropped off and walk themselves into school. A member of staff will be positioned at the roadside at the school entrances on West Garth Road at drop off and pick up, and at the Cowley Bridge Road entrance at drop off. This member of staff will ensure that children get into school safely
  • SAE will be teaching all children in Class 3 and above how to cross roads safely as part of the curriculum
  • Slips of paper are available at reception that indicate you are dropping your child at school and will return as soon as possible (these will also be available from parent parking volunteers in the first 2 weeks)

Park and Stride

Please email, if you would like to volunteer to run a 'Park and Stride' from Wreford's Lane, by Barton Place Farm Shop.