School meals

Our school dinners are prepared off site by Lou and Fee and brought to school each day to the dining hall where the children sit down and eat as a class.

Here in Exeter we have an abundance of organic producers and we utilise as much of this as possible within the meals.

All the flour, pasta, milk, eggs and most vegetables are organic. The school meals are GM free, and we source all our other vegetables and some fruit as locally as possible. There is a different low sugar pudding each day with a selection of fruit available. Once a week all the children receive just a fruit portion for pudding. Water is available on each of the tables and all the children serve them selves at the salad bar. There is always a selection of cucumber,carrot and pepper sticks with a mixed salad and a green leafy salad.

Our suppliers are:-

Ashclyst farm dairy

Shillingford Organics

West Town Farm

Riverford Farm

F. Milford and Sons

Essential Trading Cooperative

MJ Baker Food Service


School meals cost £2.35 and are booked and paid for a week in advance. This can be done at the office.

Universal Infant Free School Meals – All children aged 4-7 are entitled to free school meals (kindergartens and class 1). Let the office know if your child requires vegan or gluten free choices.

Free School Meals (other than KS1) – If you think you may be entitled to free school meals on the basis of your family circumstances, please collect a form from Reception.