Financial Information

Our PE and Sport Premium Allocation (PE &SPA) - Sep 2015 to Aug 2016

This year our PE & SPA was £8,485

The cost of making good the landing zone beneath the climbing frame by installing rubber matting will be £900.

We have also invested in a range of gym equipment, including vaulting horses, exercise benches, mats and foam blocks at a cost of £1,790.

We will continue to take classes to weekly swimming sessions during the spring term, with the cost of transport and pool hire being £3,900.

Staff training, including gymnastics and Bothmer gym will cost £1,895.

Our PE and Sport Premium Allocation (PE &SPA) - Sep 2014 to Aug 2015

Our PE & SPA of £8,315 was spent in a variety of ways to ensure that our primary age children continue to remain active and to ensure that movement, games and sport have a central place in the children’s experience of school.

To this end we again used the services of Val Taylor. Val made two visits to school in the spring and autumn and spent time training staff and working closely with individual children. The code of this £2,865.

We also used £900 to relocate the climbing frame from our temporary site at Foxhayes to our permanent site at Thomas Hall.

We also purchased £812 of miscellaneous games equipment.

The grant also enabled us to take classes swimming on a regular basis in the spring term. The cost of transport and pool hire was £3,738.


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