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A Steiner School – Our Ethos

The ethos of our school derives from the educational ideas and insights into child development of the Austrian thinker Rudolf Steiner (1861 – 1925)… Read more here


A Distinctive Education

Education at the Steiner Academy Exeter will be highly distinctive. Here are some of the reasons why: Read more here

About the Steiner Academy Exeter

The Steiner Academy Exeter will provide diversity and educational choice to the people of Exeter by opening an all-through Steiner school, which will build to two forms of entry educating children from age 4 to 16 (624 pupils in total)…
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Our Curriculum

The age appropriate, broad and balanced Steiner curriculum is all-through from YR to Y11…
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Reception and Year One: The Early Years

In the Steiner Academy Exeter children from Reception and Year One will be combined in mixed-age kindergartens, each of around 17 or 18 children. Each kindergarten group will be led by a specially trained kindergarten teacher supported by an assistant…        Read more here

The Lower and Middle School: Year 2 to Year 9 (Class one to Class eight)

Moving from kindergarten or early years to `big school` is a cause of great excitement and expectation for all children and their parents… Read more here

The Upper School (Ages 14 to 16)

Secondary education, or ‘Upper School`, begins at the end of class eight (year nine) when the children leave their Lower School Class Teacher. This new phase is one in which academic challenges and the need to think and work independently stand central…                   Read more here

School Years

Here is an outline of some initial details of the school day, school years and extended hours…
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Special Educational Needs

Disabled pupils and pupils with special educational needs (SEN)…
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Pastoral Care

Pastoral care will be supported through the school by the continuity of teacher model, through the three key phases of the school…
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Steiner, Anthroposphy and some Background

Rudolf Steiner was born in what is now Croatia in 1861. He wrote and lectured on a wide range of contemporary issues including architecture, medicine, philosophy, science, economics and social reform as well as education… Read more here


We are working closely with the Education Funding Agency (EFA) to secure a site for the school and are currently considering two permanent locations…
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