The School Years

This section contains information about the three main year groups – The Early Years, Lower and Middle School, and Upper School

The Early Years

In the Steiner Academy Exeter children from Reception and Year One are combined in mixed-age kindergartens, each of around 17 or 18 children. Each kindergarten group is led by a specially trained kindergarten teacher supported by at least one assistant. Read more here.

Lower and Middle School

Moving from kindergarten or early years to ‘big school’ is a cause of great excitement and expectation for all children and their parents. It can also be a time of anxiety and needs real sensitivity and an attention to detail. Read more here.

Upper School

Secondary education, or ‘Upper School`, begins at the end of class eight (year nine) when the children leave their Lower School Class Teacher. This new phase is one in which academic challenges and the need to think and work independently stand central. Read more here.